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Can you eat the truth, and not get an upset stomach...

Great Nia:

Faith in oneself is a major breakthrough. It is where the student realizes that there is much for them to learn. There is much that can be difficult to assimilate and question, but when the student begins to realize that they have the ability to absorb and ask questions, it is a major breakthrough. This principle today is about realizing you can assimilate and digest what you hear. In the practice of Maat, having faith in one's self is the beginning of a journey to move up the scales of consciousness. It is an examination of your inner strength to allow yourself to look at what is real. Can you hear the lesson that is being taught? Can you accept it for what it is, not discarding it because of preconceived notions? The student must also be able to discern truth from fantasy. Are you willing to listen to your inner voice?

We have been looking at faith in a few different ways. Faith to believe in the concept of a master teacher, faith to believe that someone can help us, and faith to believe that what we are doing is worthwhile. Today we are building on those thoughts as we look at my faith in myself. We will need this as we move forward. This is one of those building blocks that continues to build as we go through these lessons. Those first steps give us something to stand on as the rest of the lesson begins to unfold. So be willing to go back over what we have covered in the earlier rants. Not only in the Maatic suite that this lesson will be part of but in all the other suites that we will be providing for our supporters, and for those that will be coming through the Future Self Mastery Course (21 weeks of practice). Also be bold enough to explore your inner world with some meditation. We are are now streaming “Meditation By The #’s for free but if you want to play it at your convenience checkout the link. Meditation By The #'s

Enough of that here is your proverb:

"He who has no pond must not breed crocodiles."


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Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

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