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Blunt Talk 6921-5

Join us for Blunt Talk tonight @ 7pm, we will be turn it up so make sure that you put the children in another room. The talk will be real, but most importantly Blunt. Feel free to call in and join the discussion or ask questions. The Blackline will be open @ 614-556-4535. 

Great news we finally got GNJ.Media working so those of you that find it hard to get at us through our other platforms know that we will be up and live on our own territory. You can click the link below to set a reminder for the show tonight or set your own reminder and come to our Tribal home @ GNJ.Media

Blunt Talk

HOT!!! Conversation & Healing

Join us for Sofa Chat

Great Imani

Great Nia To All And To All Good Life

Here is the eMag from last week

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