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Are you Operating in the Real?

Dear community, Our theme today is truth. Truth is defined as the quality of being true. Being true means that I operate in what is real or actual. By using this definition, we can connect to the fact that if I’m not operating with what is actually real, then I am operating with delusion of some sort. Designed by our enemies to keep us lost, so they can exploit us for their own benefit. A community must have a common ground, or agreement of what it is to be, or they will fall apart. Toda our community is lacking the idea of absolute truths that are required to keep a community together. If you are operating in delusions, you are lost. Your reality is not based on the absolute truth which means the problems you are facing are not real. We have entered into dangerous waters where everything that is real is being denied, and everything that is false is accepted as fact.

Today I will open the discussion about Maat, we will go over the first principle, which is truth. Enough of that here is your Proverb:

"You cannot climb a bid of success with your hands tied up."

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