An in-depth discussion on the Player's Pyramid & The building blocks.

We will continue with our discussion about the book the Player's Pyramid. Moving into the description of how & why the pyramid was chosen for the symbol of this system.  The pyramid is a fascinating and timeless symbol that has been used and rediscovered throughout the history and cultures of humanity. It has been observed that, at its heart, the pyramid represents the negative path – an integration of opposites – and the positive path – the way of balance – towards Self-mastery, whether we call it enlightenment or Self-actualization. Also we will go a little more in depth on the dedication that it will take to erect your symbolic pyramid. We will also look at the building blocks that we will use. The Building blocks for this project is the nguzo saba. In this book we look at how and why the building blocks known as Nguzo Saba, were chosen and what they mean to you. We will also look into what it will take on your part to build your symbolic pyramid. That is to build your life on the principles so that you can become a better person in your home, tribe, community and nation.

Enough of that! Now here is your proverb of the day:

"What is sweet in a fools mouth will surely finish is money."

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