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Always Opportunities for Teaching and Learning

Ptah Hotep says, “Do not become arrogant because of your knowledge. The limits of the knowledge of any subject have not been set, and Neither has anyone reached them. Wisdom is more precious than gemstones; yet, may be found among the sisters at the grindstone."

In the most basic of terms, we are all students and teachers to each other. Everyone has something to teach and something to learn. In Gye Nyame, we encourage asking questions to both challenge ourselves in our understanding and to challenge each other to increase the depth of our understanding on the topics of interest. In life, we find ourselves either before seeming idiots, fools or wise men. If nothing more, the fool can teach you what not to do, and the wise man can show you how something is to be done. Arrogance grows out of the feeling that there is little to be learned from the persons or conditions in which you find yourself. This encourages you to boldly speak with authority on matters before a people who will sense how little they mean to you; thereby destroying any real sense of communication that might have occured otherwise. Going in with a sense of reciprocity and a willingness to listen makes for a mutually beneficial and communicative exchange. Keep these things in mind so that you can learn in every encounter:

1. Learn from one who appears to possess admirable character

2. Listen with an intent to learn

4. Think for yourself and let the other have their own opinion

5. Respect others to encourage the same respect in return

Join us and listen in to learn....

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