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7 Amazing Things That Happen When You Work On Umoja In Your Life

Great Umoja:

Umoja is important in all aspects of life. Especially when we are talking about tribe building. Umoja can be defined as the fact that we are all one with each other and at the same time separate from everyone else. It allows us to see that everything is connected in some way. As we grow spiritually, our relationship with umoja deepens into a deep and abiding respect for everything around us and our place in it. Just as we develop at a physical level as children, so will we learn as young adults to integrate umoja into our lives. By working on unity, you will develop your spiritual energy, and strengthen your mind. Although working towards Umoja can be daunting task it is worth it! By striving for umoja first inwardly, and then externally these seven amazing things will begin to happen for you:

1. Makes us stronger

2. Presence of mind

3. Sense of calmness

4. Brings happiness

5. Disperses ignorance

6. Reveals your celestial nature 

7. Enables True Love and devotion

In order to experience complete spiritual growth, you must work on umoja. Umoja is not something that happens to you; it is something you must create! In order to create umoja, we must ask ourselves how would how we view the world be different if we were one? What would the world look like if we were one? Step out of yourself and take a new perspective by focusing on umoja. As one follower of Umoja I often get asked why I choose to follow such a path. My response is always the same. Being a student of Unity is an ongoing experiment in seeing life anew. Amazing things happen when you bring umoja into your life. So try it!

Here is your proverb of the day (POD):

You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.

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