5 Ways Being Accountable Strengthens Kujichagulia

Greta Kujichagulia:

One of the meanings of Kujichagulia is the ability to act in an authentic manner. When you have the tools and information to act authentically, then you can be true to your interests and be accountable for what you do. When you are accountable, you’re responsible for how your action affects others. There are 5 ways accountability strengthens our ability to act authentically:

  1. You’re held accountable to community values and standards

  2. You’re accountable for your actions and words

  3. Your accountability helps you reach your goals

  4. Being held accountable gives you motivation to reach your goals and limits 

  5. Accountability is a significant contributor to the strength of our character

While Kujichagulia has its roots in the black liberation movement, such a program has the potential to empower everyone—not only those of African descent. By providing people with tools to act authentically and be responsible for their actions, there’s no telling what type of impact we can have on each other and our local communities as a result.

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