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5 Ways A Collective Can Help You Soar

5 ways a collective can help you soar

When I hear the word collective, I think of a group of people coming together with a common purpose. A shared goal that can only be reached by everyone pulling together.

How does a collective help me soar?Well, let me tell you. I've been in my fair share of collectives and what I've seen time and time again is by pulling together we can achieve so much more than we can on our own. Put simply, when we join hands we become greater than the sum of our parts. My goodness I fall out from covid and wake up in a world where it seems like the idea of tribe is more needed than ever. Not only for protection, but also to keep us motivated in these crazy times. On this Ujima day let us remember that it is the collectective that helps us grow and develop into our best selves, here are 5 ways that working in a collective can help you soar:

1. A collective working environment promotes collaboration

2. Working with a collective signals that you are an organized and reliable

3. Being part of a collective increases your productivity so that you can spend more time on other areas of your life

4. A collective is an important part of building a network which is essential today

5. Collaboration with your collectives helps create a better world for us all

Creating a collective is a beautiful thing, it creates an environment where we are constantly inspired, whether by other members or the amazing work they do. Collectives allow us to live our best lives and most importantly become better people every single day. And guess what? That’s what we are trying to build right here at GNJ.Media. Here are a few questions to wrestle with:

What is your collective?

How has this collective helped you in your journey?

What have you learned from your collective that has helped you get where you are in life?

Can you recall a time when your collective came together to help you?

I am kind of rusty at this so I have to get back into the habit of writing every morning again. I have not yet decided whether or not I will broadcast everyday again but I am feeling a strong urge. I will get ‘The Daily Toast Ritual’ back online on Umoja (3-7-22). Here is your proverb of the day:

"When the hunter returns and is holding mushrooms, don't ask him about how his hunt went."

Because I don't have the show this morning here is the folktale of the day:

The Peacock & Juno

The peacock complained to Juno that, while the nightingale pleased every ear with his song, he himself no sooner opened his mouth than he became a laughingstock to all who heard him. The Goddess, to console him, said, “But you far excel in beauty and in size. The splendor of the emerald shines in your neck and you unfold a tail gorgeous with painted plumage.” “But for what purpose have I,” said the bird, “this dumb beauty so long as I am surpassed in song?’ “The lot of each,” replied Juno, “has been assigned by the will of the Fates–to thee, beauty; to the eagle, strength; to the nightingale, song; to the raven, favorable, and to the crow, unfavorable auguries. These are all contented with the endowments allotted to them.”


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