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5 Reasons You Should Become A "Tribal Supporter"

We hope that you would consider becoming a Tribal Supporter of GNJMedia. We are a tribe that creates engaging multi-platform video, audio, and written content that entertains as well as educates. We have been pushing the boundaries of what can be done with non-traditional media for over a decade. When you support our efforts you help fund the creation of all of our shows, events, and other content. Here are five reasons that you should become a supporter:

1. You'll help support independent & Conscious media:

We have been at this for over 10 years, and we try to make sure that we keep you informed about what is going on out in the world as well as give you methods of reaching with in yourself to become the best you.

2. You will make GNJMedia better and more fun for everybody:

This is the year to move into building new shows and better content

3. Be a part of our Tribe:

You will get our Daily lesson based on the principle of the day. Also you can Toast with the FAM daily.

4. Have exclusive access to all sorts of perks/rewards:

When you become a supporter you get access to all digital content created by GNJMedia which include, #NguzoSabaChallenge video, The Axe' Breath meditation, Meditation by the #'s, and all GNJ books and ebooks

5. You'll get early info & discounts on all GNJ events (camping, festivals, and etc..) as well as get discounts on all ebooks and ecourses that GNJMedia parteners on.

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