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5 Reasons To Set Up Rituals In Your Life

Great Umoja:

I wanted to write a blog for Imani but I was on the road all day, and I didn't realize that yesterday was daylight savings time, so I lost an hour in the bargain, but it was worth it. I will put the blog together around the power of Imani, but right now I want to dive into the principle of the day...

Umoja for all the vets reading this know that this is the principle of Unity. This is the point in my book ``The Player's Pyramid" where everything comes together. In Gye-Nyame rather than Unity being first it is the last step. So today I want to talk about bringing things together in your life in a way that will empower you. Rituals are practices that we do to focus our being on a desired goal, and today we want to give five reasons to set up or to adopt some rituals into your life.Rituals are practices that we do to focus our being on a desired goal. The process of accomplishing things in life is summed up by the saying “The Journey is the Reward”. This is really easy to understand when your journey involves a trip across America, but sometimes we don’t always want to be traveling in general, we want to settle into our own personal spot and stay there. This can be a difficult thing to do if you don’t have some sort of ritual that you practice that allows you harness the motivation and happiness associated with success. So today I want to talk about bringing things together in your life in away that will empower you:

1. Rituals create power in your life. Rituals give you energy. They give you focus and they give you direction.

2. Rituals empower you to take action on the things you say matter to you. When we set up rituals in our lives there is a sense of commitment to those rituals, which means that the goals that those rituals are focused on are the ones we have committed to achieving.

3. Rituals help us get into a state of flow so that we can be more creative, more productive and feel more fulfilled in our work and in our relationships.

4. Rituals are ways for us to set aside time for ourselves, and time for us to reflect on what is important in our lives and what is most important for us to be focusing on at this particular moment in time or phase of our life.

5. Finally, rituals allow us to unite with other people who share similar goals and intentions with us, which creates social bonds and it also brings about support from others who want to see you achieve your dreams as much as you want them

Rituals are powerful, they can transform the way you think, make you more mindful, and open you up to your intuition and sixth sense. By setting up some rituals in your life, you can more often tap into that greater part of yourself. And if you don't have any rituals in your life yet, consider adopting some – as a way to focus your being and bring empowering thoughts into every aspect of your life.

Here is your proverb:

When the river dries up, we will all see where the crocodile sleeps.


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