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5 Reasons to Create Life Drills

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You are not going to understand anything about the world until you start testing your theories (Drilling). Sometimes you will practice and you will fail, but this is a necessary part of the process in life. We have to take time to experiment, and through our experiments learn the secrets that will propel us to success. These experiments will eventually turn into drills that will lead to successful practices. Drills are the best way to make sure that you understand a concept or theory, because it puts you into that position of action. Practice doesn't mean that you have to be right, it just means that you are gaining experience in whatever it is you want to do. In life, success comes from many factors, but if we look at the most successful people they all have one thing in common: they all have a daily practice or routines (drill).

Many successful business people and athletes do the same things every day; they wake up, eat breakfast, exercise, read something inspirational and then go out and attack their day. This type of routine is a key ingredient for success in life. For example, someone who wants to be a lawyer has to practice law before they can become an expert at it. This does not mean that they have to fail at being a lawyer first so that they can be better at it later. If someone wants to be an entrepreneur, then they need to get out there and start a business so that they can learn from being involved in business. Taking action is important, and building drills in our personal life so that we get a better understanding of what we are doing, or better yet building drills so that we don't have to think about reacting is important. For those in Gye-Nyame we understand that the best life is truly achieved by engagement with systematic processes. Drills enable us to engage in the process on a regular basis so that when we need to take action, we can do so effectively. Here are some questions for those on the #NguzoSaba Challenge:

Do you agree with the quote "The best life is achieved with engagement with systematic processes"?

What is your relationship with systematic processes?

What is a drill?

Have you set up any drills in your life?

What are your favorite studies or practices that you have done and why?

Do you think it is important to constantly test your theories?

How do you test your ideas?

As we continue to talk about drilling and executing, realize that it’s not just about planning. It’s also about putting your plans into action. This kind of practice is at the heart of many disciplines. Sports teams will spend hours and hours in training before getting on the field for a game, for example, which can be frustrating for those who are eager to play. But practice is necessary in order to become comfortable and consistent with a variety of tasks. And while most disciplines have lots of complexities they need to worry about, consistency and repetition are two valuable tools that should be found in every discipline. Here are 5 reasons that you should develop life drills:

1. You get to practice what you have learned

2. You receive immediate feedback

3. You retain more information

4. Build the habit

5. Be prepared when the time comes to use this knowledge

Here is your proverb:

"You have to heal the wound before it ignores the medicine."


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