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4 Simple Steps To Becoming Dedicated In Life

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Great Kujichagulia:

Dedication is a defining feature, the basis of what you serve. It's a calling, an act of devotion - to something greater than yourself. It is a way of life. Dedication is not just a word, it is an action. Dedication goes beyond just saying something; it's repeated action which builds upon itself. It's dedication that has made the world what it is today.

Dedication is about doing something for a long time and never giving up. That's because dedication means putting your heart and soul into what you're doing, and no matter how hard things get you'll never stop until you get there. This type of commitment requires passion, hard work and perseverance from us all every day. We come together as a tribe working towards shared goals while respecting each other's individuality within that framework.

The key to success in business or life: dedication! You must be dedicated to success if you want it badly enough; otherwise don't expect much, because without dedication there will always be some excuse for not achieving anything worthwhile which could have been done easily if only someone had put their mind towards "making it happen" instead of waiting around. here are some questions to wrestle with for those on the #NguzoSaba Challenge:

What do you dedicate your life to?

What does dedication mean to you?

What or who has been the biggest influence on your life?

What is the most dedicated thing you have ever done for your job?

Dedication is not a choice, it's a trait. It's not something that everyone has: it's earned through repeated action. You gain dedication through the sum of your actions and decisions, rather than just a few; although there will be pivotal moments which define the person you are today. Dedication is about going beyond yourself - for those you love, for those you care about and for those who need help. Dedication is the act of living a life worth living; it is not giving in and serving a system that does not serve you. o carry out the practice of dedication, the following must be internalized:

  1. What you dedicate yourself to, defines your life!!!
  2. It is a calling, an act of devotion - to something greater than yourself
  3. It is repeated action which builds upon itself
  4. Dedication has made the world what it is today

Here is your Proverb of the day:

"When a man says yes, his personal god says yes also."


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