The Warrior Learns the Way of Values

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This book: “THE WARRIOR LEARNS THE WAY OF VALUES”, was the result of a

collaborative effort between students in the Lady Warriors Program and their mentors.

It was designed to do several things: 1) Introduce the Lady Warriors to the concept of

writing and self-publishing 2) Explore Values that are important for successful

everyday living and 4) Earning their rank in their respective divisions. 5) Sharing with

other young people what they are learning through their Rites of Passage Experience.

The young women in this Rites of Passage Program are engaged in an academic,

cultural, critical thinking, extracurricular sports and cultural arts programs that is

designed to assist them in growing and developing to their highest potential. The

participation of the Lady Warriors, Parents, Mentors and Elders are all critical

components of their ability to have a successful journey into adulthood. As a group we

have no confusion over how the individual parts impact the whole (the finished

product). Each activity that students participate in is designed to be a vital part of their

development and the Millennium 7 Values are reinforced (modeled after the Nguzo


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The Warrior Learns the Way of Values

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