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Peace, I am Brother ha2tim. On this Mp3 download I’m going to be talking about the MOST important thing in life, or at least I think it is. You can decide if you agree with me or not. The most important thing in life is Self Mastery. For those that don’t know Self mastery is about your internal energy and emotions. A lot of us tend to focus on what’s going on outside of our own lives. I think it’s important for us to take some time out and really look within. This is a building block of the Gye-Nyame Tribe, and will help you understand why we do what we do.

Self-mastery is a lifestyle that removes one from the matrix of modern slavery and the condition that exists as a result of that systemic mental programming. This is an African-lineage inspired thought process. This understanding of the inner workings will build your Self-Mastery. Essential for daily ritual, preparation, mediation, education and more. We discuss why this is important, what it really is, and how we can move into it. Listen to this recording on meditation and rebuild your life.

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Why SelfMastery

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