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    The Gye-Nyame Tribe is an African Centered Organization, born of the will to survive and thrive as a people and community. Our approach is simple: We develop a stable, historically centered and healthy group of people who survive, create and grow economically. This provides us with the power to attain territory that we can call our own, where we can develop a distinctive culture and language in common.  We are a tribe. Our mission is to protect and defend our people, land, and the creation of a new future for our children. We are about excellence. We will go to any length to earn the fear of our enemies and the respect of our friends. In peacetime we grow stronger, learning new skills so that we will be prepared for war. We hide in plain sight as everyday citizens so that no one knows who we are or what we are capable of until it is too late.

    Are you interested in joining an Afrocentric tribe? We’re here to help you determine if the Gye-Nyame tribe is a good fit for you.

    Learn more by signing up for our free ecourse:

    Day 1 - Unleashing The Power Of The Nguzo Saba - The Player's Pyramid

    Day 2 - Understanding How To Use Folktales, Myths, & Legends - Folktales For GrownFolks

    Day 3 - Wisdom Mining - Tribal Quotes

    Day 4 - Power Of Libations - Daily Toast

    Day 5 - Pulling It All Together - Warrior's Hand Book To Life's Journey

    Day 6 - Power Of Meditation - Meditation By The #'s

    Day 7 - The 224 Self Help Process & 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge

    Learning To Trust in Your Ability

    The Power Of Your Culture, Structure Your Reality (True Magic)

    One Shot: Stop Wasting Your Talent!

    Taking Ourselves Seriously

    Will & Ujima:Will Power, Ujima and the Purpose of Our Community

    Gym Strong, or Life Strong? Which Is More Important?

    How to Overcome Poverty Using Umoja

    Keep The Faith

    Countering Oppression with Creativity

    Looking for Nia in All The Wrong Places

    How To Stop Being A Backup Plan

    Myth About Emotions & It's Effects On Ujamaa

    Here is the SelfMastery Puzzles of the Day

    The Secret Power Behind Community and Culture

    7 Ways To Use Kujichagulia To Keep Your Eyes On The Prize---- sent out wrong link

    7 Ways To Use Kujichagulia To Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

    Nature Of Umoja

    Live Your Faith by Being Imani

    The Kuumba Concept: Creating A Culture

    What You Need To Know About Purposeless People

    Gratitude , Ujamaa and the source of intimacy

    The 11 Secrets of a Successful Collective

    5 Ways Being Accountable Strengthens Kujichagulia

    7 Amazing Things That Happen When You Work On Umoja In Your Life

    The Power of Consistency

    Addition of Too Black!!! Gear

    Why people hate on you

    Seven things you need to leave behind in 2021

    Five Reasons You Should Have A Systematic Process To Improve Your Life

    The Matrix Resurrection review.

    Stop Breaking Promises to yourself and plug into the #NguzoSabaChallenge

    Tribal Fraction Of Life

    Tribal Fraction Of Life

    Are you Driving or Are you being Driven

    #NguzoSabaChallenge is ready

    Gye-Nyame Number System: Master the math behind success!

    The 5 Key benefits of having a tribe

    GNJMedia Merch

    Challenging The 5 (Deadly) Self-Limitations That Are Holding You and Your Tribe back

    Matrix Ressurrections Movie Review

    Recreating Yourself! Freedom Within Limits (End of the Road)

    The Black American Identity Is Broken & It's Time To FIX IT

    The Black American Identity Is Broken & It's Time To FIX IT

    Freedom Within Limits: What Keeps You From Meeting Your True Potential?

    Paradoxes and their Role in your Struggle for Freedom

    Support Your Culture with Kwanzaa 365 Clothing

    The Haiku Writing Process: A Search for Mastery

    Mastery relies on self-imposed limitation

    Stop Being Afraid, Get Unstuck, & Believe In Miracles

    Learning – Freedom Within Limits Podcast

    The Decline of the Sacred

    SelfMastery – Freedom Within Limits

    Ha2ku By ha2tim

    I messed Up On My Fast

    Limits, Vision & Mystery

    Freedom within Limits 12

    The Path To Freedom Within Limits

    The Power of Mystery - Freedom with in Limits by Brother Ha2tim

    Cycles of Rites of Passage, The Future, Fear, Unbalanced Passions, & etc....

    The Power Of Doing Minor Things

    Tribal Token: The Economics of Tribal Nation Building & the Politics of Currencies

    Death, Defining Self, Magic, Purpose & Economics in one chapter!!!!

    Pushing Limits

    Pushing Limits

    5 days and still on it

    Blunt Talk Time (podcast)

    What is a Ha2ku

    Blunt Talk Time

    Hip-Hop Culture or hip-hop culture

    Haters and other Things

    Freedom Within Limits

    Trials Of Gye part 4

    Trials Of Gye part 3

    Trials Of Gye part 2

    The Story of Gye

    Black Family Day

    Join us for Blunt Talk once again

    Warrior Handbook - The End

    What is Gye-Nyame's Ranking System?

    Principles, Pledges, & Proverbs part 4

    Principles, Pledges, & Proverbs part 3

    Principles, Pledges, & Proverbs part 2

    Principles, Pledges, & Proverbs

    More on Rituals & Symbols

    Blunt Talk Is Back

    Libations and Sacred Symbols Part 2

    Why we need Ritual and Symbols to keep the Tribe together

    What s on your scroll

    Make it happen!!!!

    What Makes the Gye-Nyame Tribe Different?

    Gye Nyame Journey: What We Teach and What We Do

    Story Time On GNJMedia

    What's Your Story?

    Rites of Passage, A Must in Self-Mastery

    Warrior Handbook

    Sipping on some Iced "That Ambrosia"

    Enjoying the view

    Going Back To Our Roots

    Taking a few days

    Real life matters

    The Ability to Distinguish Right from Wrong

    Freedom Part 2


    Can you handle the spear of Truth

    Can you eat the truth, and not get an upset stomach...

    Virtue of Maat 4 – Faith in My Master

    Blunt Talk

    Danger of being devoted to a purpose in a world of purposelessness

    Control Your Action

    Control your thoughts & win at life

    The Principle of Gender and the Key to Life

    Principle of Cause and Effect

    Principle of Rhythm, Use it to your Advantage

    How to Apply the Law of Polarity to Your Daily Life

    Blunt Talk Time

    The Law of Vibration and How It Works

    As Above so Below

    Mentalism and You: Transforming Your Reality

    The Future Of the Toast

    Just The Toast On this evening

    The Daily Toast & Crypto

    Just Lifting Our Glasses

    Just the Toast Today

    Invest and hold Crypto Currency

    Broke = A Deep Dark Place, True/False


    The Importance of Harmony in a Tribe

    What is Order and Why Does it Matter?

    Is it possible to have Balance in your life?

    Reciprocity: A Key Ingredient in the Liberation of Black People

    Blunt Talk 10621-5 around 7pm

    How Significant is Righteousness?

    Justice is Not Truth

    Are you Operating in the Real?

    How are you Preparing for the Future

    Respect, Responsibility, and Reciprocity for a Successful Relationship

    Nothing to Rant about

    The Player's Pyramid - Umoja, The Final Chapter

    Kujichagulia: It's Not Just A Goal, It's An Action

    Wait only three people clicked the link, what!!!

    The Ujima Principle: The Key to Any Community

    We work for YOU!!!

    Ujamaa Benefits And How You Can Embrace It


    Kuumba has the power to move and transform

    Faith requires work!

    Personal Success Tools

    We moving into the Second part of the Player's Pyramid.... Are You Ready

    An in-depth discussion on the Player's Pyramid & The building blocks.

    The SelfMastery Pyramid

    Why Imani Is Critical For Your Success (forgot to send link)

    Why Imani Is Critical For Your Success

    Kuumba is a powerful principle that requires us to master it.

    Let's talk about Nia

    Let's Talk about Ujamaa

    Join us for Blunt Talk

    Join us for Blunt Talk

    Let's Talk About Ujima

    Let's Talk About Kujichagulia

    Let's Talk About Umoja

    Imani & Leadership

    Kuumba & Accountability

    Find your Tribe find your Purpose

    Culture Is a resource

    Blunt Talk Time

    Collectives Cost

    Back to the Hustle

    Leadership, Mission, Rules, A Staple & a medium of exchange

    Time To Build


    You are not an accident

    Once again I have nothing to say

    Blunt Talk Time

    Great Ujima

    Get your Focus

    Let's look at where all of our principles begin

    Unpromised Tomorrows

    We Need Enemies

    Zombies & Nia

    Let's Look At An Overlooked Resource

    Blunt Talk

    Working together is the secret sauce


    Slow Down, Fam

    Great Imani

    Kuumba Run Amok

    Are you Useful?

    Learn about cryptocurrency


    Blunt Talk Time

    Proper Communication Is Key


    Great Umoja

    Toast&Talk Imani

    Creating your story

    Asking Questions

    Latest Rant

    Schedule for Ujamaa August 12th

    Integrity is a Resource

    Blunt Talk Time

    Time To Tribe Up

    Kuji Magnifies

    Umoja Day

    Time To Toast

    Stop Hiding

    The Cost Of No Nia

    Squandered Resources

    The Collective

    Oldman Rant for the last 2 days...

    The Power In Your Name

    Unity, not Uniformity

    Imani Evening Toast

    Oldman Rant "Don't Be Mad @ My Kuumba"

    The Day Has Slipped Away

    Use your words with purpose

    Here is the Rant for the last 2 days

    Did you Know.....

    Looking for capital when you are the Capital

    Tribe or Crowd

    Kuji Toast

    Umoja Oldman Rant

    Imani Oldman Rant

    Imani Oldman Rant

    Time for our Daily Toast

    Great Imani

    Kuumba Toast Time

    It is Nia Time

    Ujamaa Toast 72221-5

    Blunt Talk

    Great Ujima

    Time for the Kujichagulia Toast

    Great Umoja

    Imani Toast

    Stop Detouring Your Nia

    Ujamaa Toast "Misappropriation of a Major Resource"

    Ujima Toast

    Great Kujichagulia

    Daily Toast Time "The harvest is ready"

    Great Imani

    Kuumba Toast & Talk

    Daily Toast Time

    Great Ujamaa

    Time For Blunt Talk

    Great Ujima

    Great Kujichagulia

    Great Umoja

    Imani Toast

    Toast&Talk Kuumba

    Daily Toast 7221-5

    Ujamaa Toast

    Blunt talk Time

    Forgot to send Proverb of the Day

    Ujima Toast Time

    Folktales For Grown Folks - The Wolves & The Sheep

    Great Kujichagulia

    Morning Rant for Nia 62521-5

    Great Umoja

    Here is a small pic of what we do!!!

    Imani Toast&Talk

    Kuumba Toast

    Help Us Move To The Next Level

    The Lack Of We Is The Problem

    Mindset Motivation Featuring Mz. Traci Airing Nia 62521-5

    Great Nia

    Tribal Quote Time

    Ujamaa Toast

    Blunt Talk Time

    Trying To Saty Connected

    Ujima Toast Time

    FFGF - The Astronomer

    Kujichagulia Toast Time

    DiGyeTV Late Night

    DigyeTV All Day

    Umoja Toast

    Great Imani

    Sample of the Daily Toast

    Happy Juneteenth & Toast time


    Nia Toast 61821-5

    Ujamaa Toast

    Great Ujima

    DiGyeTV Tonight

    Folktales For Grown Folks


    Daily Toast Kujichagulia

    DigyeTV All Day

    DigyeTV All Day

    Great Umoja

    Old School DigiTV Late Night

    DigiTV is up and live once again

    Toast&Talk Imani

    Toast&Talk Kuumba Streaming Now!

    How To Use The GNJMedia Site

    Nia Toast

    Tribal Quotes Time

    The Latest Mindset Motivation

    Great Ujamaa

    The Myth Of The Alpha Male

    Blunt Talk Show Canceled

    Blunt Talk 6921-5

    Great Ujima

    Folktale Time

    Great Kujichagulia

    GNJMedia needs your assistance

    Great Umoja

    We are Toastin & Talkin This Imani

    Juneteenth Cookout Update

    Great Kuumba

    Great Nia

    Tribal Quotes 6321-5 (How To Build A Tribe)

    Ujamaa Toast

    Great Ujima

    Great Kujichagulia

    Great Umoja

    Toast&Talk Imani

    Toast&Talk Kuumba

    Nia Toast

    Tribal Quotes Time

    Ujamaa Toast

    Blunt Talk Time

    Great Ujima

    FFGF - The Fox Without a tail

    Great Umoja

    Umoja Toast

    Juneteenth Cookout

    Imani Toast&Talk

    Correct Toast & Talk

    Toast&Talk Time

    Nia Taost

    Ujamaa Toast

    Blunt Talk 51921-5

    Great Ujima


    Great Kujichagulia

    Daily Toast

    Toast&Talk Imani

    Great Kuumba

    New Mindset Motivation Episode

    Great Nia

    Ujamaa Toast

    Blunt Talk Time

    Ujima Toast

    Folktale For Grown Folks Time

    Great Kujichagulia

    Great Umoja

    Toast&Talk Imani

    Toast&Talk Kuumba

    Nia Toast

    Tribal Quotes 5621-5

    Ujamaa Toast Time

    Great Ujima

    Folktale for grown Folks Time

    Great Kujichagulia

    Daily Toaster Shirts

    Great Umoja

    Toast&Talk Imani

    Great Kuumba

    Mindset Motivation Featuring Mz. Traci Airing 4-30-21 at 12pm

    Ujamaa Toast

    Blunt Talk

    Great Ujima

    FFGF - The Lion, The Fox, & The Mouse

    Kujichagulia Toast Time

    Umoja Toast

    GYP - 6.0 to 6.5

    Great Imani

    Toast&Talk Kuumba 442421-5

    Gratitude & Attitude

    Nia Toast

    Ujamaa Toast

    Blunt Talk

    Ujima Toast

    Kuji Toast

    Umoja Toast 41921-5

    Daily Toast - Imani 41821-5

    Toast&Talk Kuumba 41721-5

    GYP - To Mourn

    Great Nia

    Great Ujamaa 41521-5

    Blunt Talk Time


    FFGF - The Oxen & The Butchers

    GYP - Reboot & Reprogram

    Great Kujichagulia 41321-5

    Great Umoja 41221-5

    Toast&Talk Imani

    GYP- To Be Great

    Toast&Talk Kuumba 41021-5

    Sharing links to my "Give yourself Permission" (GYP) Series

    Daily Toast Time 4921-5

    Mindset Motivation Featuring Mz. Traci Airing 4-9-21 at 12pm

    Great Ujamaa 4821-5

    Great Ujima

    Folktale for grown Folks Time

    Great Kujichagulia 4621-5

    Great Umoja 4521-5

    Greta Imani

    Great Kuumba

    Great Nia

    Great Ujamaa

    Blunt Talk Time

    Daily Toast Time

    Folktales For Grown Folks

    Great Umoja

    Toast&Talk Imani 32821-5

    Toast Time

    Great Nia

    Daily Toast 32521-5

    Daily Toast 32421-5

    Folktales For Grown Folks Time 32321-5

    Daily Toast Time 32321-5

    Daily Toast 32221-5

    Daily Toast - Imani 32121-5

    Toast&Talk Kuumba 32021-5

    Daily Toast 31921-5

    Tribal Quotes

    Daily Toast 31821-5

    Daily Toast Time 31721-5

    Morning Toast 31621-5

    Kwanzaa In Review - Brother Kwame interviews Brother Rene

    Great Umoja

    Toast&Talk Imani 31421-5

    Kuumba Toast&Talk 31321-5

    Join us GNJ.Media our very own Video Social Media Site

    Great Nia

    Do You Need A Tool To Help You Save Money

    The Importance Of Wealth

    Great Ujamaa 31121-5

    Daily Toast -Ujima 31021-5

    Join us for our live show FFGF (Folktales For Grown Folks)

    Here is what you are helping build!

    Great Kujichagulia

    Great Umoja

    Toast&Talk Imani 3721-5

    We are Toastin & Talkin This Kuumba

    Proverb of the Day And FFGF shorts

    Survey for Kwanzaa Celebration 2020

    Going To The Next Level With GNJ.Media

    Using Ancient Wisdom For Modern Solutions

    Join us GNJ.Media our very own Video Social Media Site

    A reason to become a supporter

    How to watch GNJMedia without an issue

    Peace FAM

    DiGyeFest 2020

    The "Art of Black War Against A Black Enemy"

    Help Support Our 2020 Malcolm X Festival

    Help Support Our 2020 Malcolm X Festival

    Interview With Elder Kaba Kamene

    GNJ Media's KET.N Kwanzaa Newsletter

    Catch Out This Video Premiere