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The Gye-Nyame Tribe is an African Centered Organization, born of the will to survive and thrive as a people and community. Our approach is simple: We develop a stable, historically centered and healthy group of people who survive, create and grow economically. This provides us with the power to attain territory that we can call our own, where we can develop a distinctive culture and language in common.  We are a tribe. Our mission is to protect and defend our people, land, and the creation of a new future for our children. We are about excellence. We will go to any length to earn the fear of our enemies and the respect of our friends. In peacetime we grow stronger, learning new skills so that we will be prepared for war. We hide in plain sight as everyday citizens so that no one knows who we are or what we are capable of until it is too late.

Are you interested in joining an Afrocentric tribe? We’re here to help you determine if the Gye-Nyame tribe is a good fit for you.

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Day 1 - Unleashing The Power Of The Nguzo Saba - The Player's Pyramid

Day 2 - Understanding How To Use Folktales, Myths, & Legends - Folktales For GrownFolks

Day 3 - Wisdom Mining - Tribal Quotes

Day 4 - Power Of Libations - Daily Toast

Day 5 - Pulling It All Together - Warrior's Hand Book To Life's Journey

Day 6 - Power Of Meditation - Meditation By The #'s

Day 7 - The 224 Self Help Process & 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge


Gye-Nyame Journey Tribe Supporter (GNJMedia)

Download  Gye-Nyame Journey's Free 7-Day Video ECourse
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We live in a world that appears to make less sense as the days go by. There is so much information on the internet, why is it that when you Google something, you’re still so lost? If you’re one of the people asking yourself this question, then we invite you to join our community. Because GNJMedia stands for pushing forward with Black People first, and is committed to teaching people about their history, culture and nurturing understanding of tribal thought.

GNJMedia represents change. We are committed to our Tribe, invested in the future of the African-American community, and together we can make a difference. Join us in this forward-thinking movement that strives to better our world. We encourage you to get involved with us if you aren't already. We give back to our community and take action in the community. We come together and discuss issues that affect us and we do things that we can control that help our community. You can find our podcasts and videos on the GNJ.Media , and all over social media.

GNJMedia is a tribe that creates engaging multi-platform video, audio, and written content that entertains as well as educates. We have been pushing the boundaries of what can be done with non-traditional media for over a decade. When you support our efforts you help fund the creation of all of our shows, events, and other content.

We’re a tribe of creatives and makers, side by side as we explore the emerging possibilities of the emerging world. We take what we know from our present and make sense of it through our lens for the future. At GNJ, pushing forward is in our blood. We stand for pushing you to learn about yourself. Please support GNJMedia so we can continue to deliver content, and bring change to our community.

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Gye-Nyame Journey Tribe Supporter (GNJMedia)

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